N8 is a web3 social network that creates a virtuous ecosystem in the electronic music scene, focusing on the links between the crowd, event organizers and artists.

We know it sounds exciting, and before going into the details of what N8 is, we have to tell you its story.

Techno Traveller Map

The genesis of this project is the “Techno Traveller Map”, a Google Map listing all the electronic clubs in the world. It was created to answer the question all music lovers have when traveling: "Where can I listen to good music?”.

Created in 2016, the “Techno Traveller Map” thrived quickly within the electronic music community, reaching 1.5 million views in just a few months. Almost 2500 house & techno clubs were pinned, and specialized media from all over the world wrote about the project. It was the beginning of something big.


Considering the success of the Techno Traveller Map, we knew we had to push the concept even further. That is why we created Clubeling, a mobile app for electronic music lovers.

Through a simple map, it would provide the location of clubs, give you access to real-time programme information, and the possibility to connect with friends and organize events with ephemeral chats.

Whether you're at your friends' house or in a club's queue, Clubeling would have been your best friend.

The beta test of the application in 2019, limited to 2000 users, was sold out in 2 hours.

Web3 shift

Our decision to shift to Web3 was driven by three elements:

  • The Covid crisis that has locked people in their homes and blocked venues from opening

  • The music industry dictating who are to become the artists of tomorrow

  • GAFAMs making a lot of money on the backs of event organizers

We knew we had to go further than yet another party or ticketing app.

We wanted to anticipate future evolutions of technology and music by creating an avant-garde product that would give people new ways to enjoy their passion, our passion: electronic music.

Having been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for years, the web3 shift was obvious and our mission became very clear: giving power back to those who make the party.

We had two ideas:

  • Create a Party and Earn concept, where those who party get rewarded: the more you party, the more tokens you earn

  • Offer a NFT-tickets system to ensure a safer experience, while providing a new way to collect artworks and engage with electronic music actors

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