Once considered as a marginal movement and a counterculture, electronic music has continuously grown in popularity over the last decades, and now represents a business yielding several billion dollars per year ($7.2 billions in 2019).

However, the whole scene boomed so fast, that it was probably not ready to withstand that success properly and is now at a paradox : there is still a long way to go to make it accepted as an art and a culture within our society, but there are already a lot of drifts, caused by the business aspect of it.

The demand for events is constantly increasing, but the connection between the audience and the organizers lacks depth and trust. While the public struggles to find the right events and easily get discouraged, the promoters and event organizers have difficulties advertising efficiently and reaching their targeted audience.

As electronic music lovers, we at N8, want to spread the word and give people the keys to connect closely with each other within the electronic music world, as it carries values that are highly important to us such as equality, inclusion, freedom, or solidarity.

In the early years of the movement, the crowd was the central figure of the party. However, with time, it started to assume a more marginal role and, nowadays, is considered by many as a mere customer instead of a real actor of the scene. We, at N8, want to empower the individuals that make the crowd by expanding their sphere of action.

This will not only benefit the crowd, but also organizers and artists. The Β« party Β» should not be seen as a mere service transaction, but as a tool capable of creating magic and sparking special emotions.

We believe this can only happen when the crowd is a full-fledged actor and is involved in the experience. The relation between artists, crowd and organizers will make the audience want to come back to this specific venue, and/or interact with the performers.

Consequently, it is also necessary that organizers take control of who they are reaching when promoting an event, removing their dependency on mainstream tools that are mostly overpriced and inefficient.

Lastly, we want to give artists the opportunity to be known and appreciated for their art and not to be subject to β€œlikes” on social media. We believe the system lacks fairness for young and talented performers who want to break through but do not have the means to do so. By giving more power to the public, we want artists to take control over their careers.

N8 aims to contribute to the democratization of electronic music, by providing the crowd with new and more efficient ways to discover and experience events, connecting organizers with a larger and qualified audience, and giving artists more control on their career. Overall, we aim to bring the actors of the electronic music scene closer together.

N8 also wants to contribute to the mass adoption of web3, because we believe that blockchain is the technology of tomorrow, the one that will give power back to people. That's why we will focus on the user experience and onboarding of newcomers through frictionless user paths.

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