📀For artists

🏆 Rewards

Artists can receive token as rewards: the public can show support to an artist by sending tokens to the artist, for example after a show they liked. The remuneration of the artist during a party is no longer entirely conditioned by the presence, but also by the performance.

Secondly, the rewards are a new way to give visibility to the artists. It is no longer the number of followers on social medias or journalists who give visibility to artists, but users.

Thirdly, a part of the ticket fees collected by the platform is automatically sent to the artist as a reward: every artist in the line up gets the same amount, regardless of their reputation. This makes artists more involved in the success of the event, which benefits the organizers and helps emerging artists create their community and collect rewards.

🏆 Royalties

An event organizer may choose to share a portion of his royalties with the artists of the event. In this case, the portion allocated to artist royalties is distributed equally among the artists.

🔒 Staking

Artist can earn tokens by staking their rewards to our programs.

🖼 NFT Collection

Artist are able sell exclusive NFTs. These NFTs can also be used as a reward program for their community.

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