🥳For the crowd

🥳 Party and Earn

The crowd has the possibility to earn tokens simply through:

  • Attendance rewards: when a user buys a ticket and goes to an event, tokens are credited to his account.

  • No show tickets: if a ticket holder does not show, the tokens that should have been credited to his account thanks to the proof of attendance, are distributed to the other ticket holders who showed, as well as to the artists.

  • Selling tickets on the secondary market

  • Referral: users can invite people to buy tickets to an event, if they buy it thanks to their recommendation (referral link), they are rewarded with tokens

  • Unlocking achievement: users can unlock achievement and earn tokens by creating and making conversation on a group chat in the app, going to events in different cities/countries, inviting friends, etc.

  • Control over personal data: users can choose to share or not personal data that are used by the platform and event organizers to make better suggestions on the app and better promotion of events. The user is rewarded with tokens if he chooses to share his data.

🤿 Liquidity Pool

In order to create liquidity, the user can lock peers into a liquidity pool and be rewarded in token based on the amount locked and the duration.

🔒 Staking

User can earn token by staking tokens in our programs.

🖼 NFT Collection

Users are able to buy and sell exclusive NFT from artists or venues with their tokens. These NFTs can also be used as a membership or reward program.

For example : a club releases a limited series of NFT, and each owner of these NFT gets special benefits like early access to ticket sales, discounts, guestlists, or easy access to the club.

🤝 Partnerships

Tokens can be used to buy goods or services, such as drinks at the club, discount codes for parties or vouchers for mobility apps.

💰 Donations

Throughout the year, the token can be used to donate money to associations that work on topics directly or indirectly related to partying and electronic music such as drug prevention, sexual harassment, LGBTQI+ rights, or gender equality, amongst others.

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