🥳 For the crowd

N8 offers an all-in-one platform for users to finding, organising and sharing electronic music events.
In a simple click, they are able to:
  • Find the best events on a map with geolocation and real time display
  • Chat before, during and after the event with friends on ephemeral discussions
  • Buy, sell and collect NFT tickets on a secured marketplace
  • Earn tokens in the Party and Earn
  • Reward artists after the event

😎 For venues and organizers

N8 offers a platform for event organizers to promote their events, sell tickets and make data-based decisions for their artists programme.
On a dedicated platform, they are be able to:
  • Create events online and display them on the map
  • Sell NFT tickets with a smart contract on primary market and earn commissions on secondary market
  • Promote events with integrated marketing tools
  • Gather and analyze data on their customers and plan successful artist bookings

🤩 For artists

N8 offers a platform for artists to promote their art, reconnect with their audience and get more visibility towards event organizers.
Through N8, they are able to :
  • Share royalties on NFT tickets with event organizers
  • Inform about news and display gigs in realtime on the map
  • Earn tokens given as reward by the crowd
  • Sell Music NFT from other marketplaces
  • Be highlighted to event organizers and find new gigs